Game of Silks is building the first gamified metaverse to parallel the real world of thoroughbred horse racing, allowing anyone to experience the thrill of owning race horses and horse farms. Following the recently announced partnership with NYRA (Belmont, Saratoga, Aqueduct, NYRA Bets and broadcast television rights), Silks has become the official blockchain racing game of thoroughbred horse racing in the United States.

The Silks metaverse is powered by a gamified economy where individuals can own and compete with derivative NFTs that represent and shadow actual thoroughbreds in the real world. Silks tokenizes the nearly 20,000 horses born and registered as thoroughbreds each year into dynamic NFTs that track the lifecycle and productivity of each horse throughout its life. Owners of Silks horses earn valuable rewards based on their real-world racing and breeding performance. They can share ownership of their horses with others or trade their horses as part of the strategic gameplay on the Silks platform. Users can also acquire and develop land into horse farms and estates within the Silks metaverse to enhance gameplay and support and grow the Silks economy.

Well funded and with a lot of momentum, the Silks team and project represent an exciting opportunity to work alongside a dynamic and highly experienced team that will redefine an industry.

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Management Team

Game of Silks

  • Dan Nissanoff


  • Troy Levy


  • Binny Plotkin

    Head of Product

  • Michael Lira

    Head of Technology

  • Derek Cribbs


  • Casey Dickinson